There was a super turnout for the hike and the weather was perfect, so we were able to have superb views of George, Waboonskraal,The Outeniquas and Herold valley.

 The hikers in attendence were, Eugene and Avril Fichardt, Werner Frei, Greg and Cheryl Devine, Christine and Stewart Stiles, Mark Taylor, Tony and Evie Bowen, Bill Uren, Clive and Sandy Louw, Hilary and Doug Aubert, Greg and Janet Moore and Wendy Thompson.

 We started the strenuous ascent climb to the ridge at 9am and returned to the cars about 5 hours later. The climb to the ridge is quite straight forward with plenty of grass to cling onto as one slogs up the hill. There is no definite path along the ridge so a little bundu bashing was required, fortunately there were no complaints (that I heard) from the troops. We eventually joined up with the Camperskloof trail at the neck and it was an easy walk back to the cars at the “Sputnik” The trail has been recently mowed, so well done Cape Nature.image003image002

 Thanks to everyone for making the day an enjoyable one.