GOUKAMA NATURE RESERVE –as always a great pleasure and privilege to walk through this well maintained reserve of dune vegetation and protected marine environment.
Hike: From Groenvlei Bush camp across the dune vegetation to the beach and then beach walking as far as the Platbank Beach parking area.
Distance: around 13/14 Km
Hiking time: was about 4 ½ hours which included 2 short breaks. Way too cold to swim today! We started at 8.15 am and completed the hike by 12.45 pm.


Hikers: MCSA members: Karin van Niekerk, Hans van Ameyde, Wendy Thompson, Wolfgang Schneider, Maretha Alant, Tony and Evie Bowen, Chris Gow, and Elaine Smith (non-member).

We met at the Lake Pleasant parking at 7.45 am. – from this point we drove some of the cars through to the Platbank Beach parking, and took the minimum no of cars to start the hike at the Groenvlei Bush camp (where the parking is very limited).


From Groenvlei Bushcamp the path leads through dune forests and gradually winds up to a dune top. From here there is normally a wonderful view across all the lakes and the distant Outeniqua mountains – today however a very different view – as we were standing in swirling mists. We could have been anywhere in the world!!


The mist resulted in a wonderfully cool day for our hike, as we continued along a very obvious dune path.


First break was taken along the Ridge overlooking what should have been the sea- we could only hear the sea pounding away as we sipped our tea.

The path continues along the ridge and we then took the first turn onto the beach.


It was just after we had we settled for a lunch break on the beach rocks – when the mist decided it was time to withdraw – and we had the blue, blue sea and skies to enjoy. A few of us paddled but today however – a very distinct cold sea temperature did not lure anyone into the water.

The hike continued along the beach(heading west) and we finished off at Platbank.


Thank you to all who participated on this enjoyable outing in one of the Garden Routes very special nature reserves.
Also thanks to Karin, Chris and Wolf for supplying the photos