We left Boskor around 4 pm Friday, after parking our cars in Stormsriver village. Eight of us set off for the easy 5km hike in to Heuningbos hut. We got there around 6pm and made a very smoky fire with damp firewood to get our lamb potjie on the go. (The huts are well looked after and a black cast iron pot was supplied). By 8pm we were sharing a delicious meal around a cosy fire and spend a lovely evening together.


There is a beautiful pool below the hut, only Clive went for a swim.


The intrepid hikers : Bill Uren, Hans van Ameyda, Greg and Cheryl Devine, Sandy and Clive Louw

The next morning we set out on a very misty hike. The mist stayed with us for the day, making for a cool day in the mountains. Unfortunately, no gorgeous views. We walked over the neck behind Stormsriver peak in thick mist and regretted not being able to do the ascend from the back – decided to do it at a later date, as a seperate outing, from the front. (Looks much more accessible from the back and there seemed to be a path going up in the neck)

We got to Sleepkloof hut around 3 pm – after walking through beautiful indigenous forest for the last part.

Some of us had a braai in the lapa – a much earlier night for all. Greg cooked a risotto on their stove (with some comments and advice from the audience) and Hans had pasta. Bill decided rice and lentils was the way to go. Maretha carried a cold beer next to her beef sosatie – strictly as a way to keep the meat cool…….


Maretha Alant on the trail.


Lunch in the forest.

The next morning – a beautiful, clear day! We took a slow walk back to Stormsriver village (5 km) through indigenous forest, past the famous big tree.

A hike that we can definitely do again in future, hopefully with all the views!


Sunday morning at Sleepkloof hut