23rd November 2014

Meet Leader: Jane Luck

Members: Dave Collet, Greg and Cheryl Devine, Rolf Luck, Irmela, Bill Uren, Hans Van Ameyde, Wolf Schneider, Hilary and Doug Aubert, Clive and Sandra Louw, Erich and Margrit Brack, Zelda Willemse.

Guests: Jenny Gardy


Sunday morning saw a sky filled with thick black cloud and there were ominous promises of 20mls of rain due to start at 10am, the same time as our hike!  Although I had nearly 30 people down for this popular walk, only 17 brave souls came out despite the dire weather forecast!  We all started out enthusiastically, determined to get wet and enjoy it! What the heck!


We began our walk along a beautiful stretch of coast leaving from Keurbooms beach, crossing the Maaitjies river and then along a rough, rocky coast to the Grootbank (a favourite fishing spot).  The powers that be were smiling on us, because despite the dire weather all around us, we seemed to walk in a magic circle of dry in the eye of the storm for the entire hike!  Some of us even stopped for a swim in a rock pool!



This section of coast is pristine and has wonderful indigenous coastal forest with an amphitheatre of cliffs as a backdrop behind it.  It feels like one is miles from civilisation in some kind of survivor movie!  Wonderful!  There are sea caves and blow holes, all adding to the fun!


Making a dash for it!

 The Groot bank itself is amazing, full of sea birds who were not pleased to see us and rose up squawking madly around us.  They recovered their comsure and unruffled their feathers again after we left, I am happy to report.







And then a tea break with tables and chairs laid on!  It’s not called the perfect hike for nothing!



After tea we all headed up steeply, through the forest, with a small scramble (aided by a knotted rope) onto a cliff top path that contours back along the cliff edge towards the Maaitjie’s river.  The path is an easy gradient with glorious wild orchids and spectacular displays of fynbos flowers along its edge.  It felt like we were walking through a manicured garden of exquisite taste in colour and form!  We also had great views of the massive cloud build up all around us, with rain pouring in the distance and the sea dancing in anticipation!



And then, Oh! The pain and hardship! Back to Enrico’s for beer and pizza with the rain pouring down, the wind up and water slapping the windows outside, and us safely inside, back without a drop on us!  What a way to go!