Above hike was well attended by 24 hikers i.e. Irmela Kohlsdorf, Cheryl/Greg Devine, Erica Davies(Guest), Dave Taylor(Guest), Evie/Toni Bowen, Clive Louw, Wolfgang Schneider, Erich/Margit Brack, Hillary/Doug Aubert, Dave Barnes, Saartjie v.d.Merwe, Philip/Linda Zink(Guests), Bill Uren, Dave Collett, Steward Stiles plus wife, Greg Moore/Janet, and myself.

The weather could not have been better, sunny, warm and a nice breeze from the sea.

Initially, I was concerned about hikers going astray as the group was so big and because the first 6km to Sinclair hut is unmarked.

WP_001098  WP_001100

However, all went well and we had a short break at the Sinclair Hut. Thereafter we proceeded through the Fynbos and climbed down to sea level at the Groot Eiland river, water level being low due to our poor rainfall recently.

WP_001102  WP_001104

Lunchtime was a highlight at the tidal pool and a joy to have a dip.

The next 2 hours were quite challenging with lots of hands and footwork, ups and downs and hanging on the rockface, rounding Grootkop.

Arriving below Kranzhoek viewpoint(175m), we split up. Some deciding to go up the shorter but warmer route, and others to go up through the indigenous forest along the Klein Eiland river with opportunity for another dip in a mountain pool!

We arrived back at our cars around 16h30 without any mishaps and feeling very satisfied with our accomplishment.



Hiking this particular coastal section is an unforgettable experience, having great scenery, challenges and physical exercise.

We have to make this at least an annual event.

– Hans van Ameyde