What a wonderful day to do a swim and hike down the Kaaimans River from Bill And Di Turner’s place. The weather was superb for kloofing and the participants enthusiastic.

 image001Alice Jager (guest) Greg Devine, Irmela Kohlsdolf, Stewart Stiles, Clive Louw, Sharon (guest) Bill Uren, Joan Louwrens, Maretha Alant, Cheryl Devine, Dave Collett, Derek Odendaal, Karin van Niekerk andJacomi Odendaal. Fred van Berkel (photographer)

We started hiking from Strawberry Hill down a well worn path to the Kaaimans River. The walk takes about ½ an hour, then soon after, the swimming starts. The water levels in the river were a little higher than usual, but still very easy and enjoyable to navigate down the river either swimming, hiking on the river bank or boulder hopping.


The trip took about 3 hours, with a few stops along the way. The total distance is about 4 and ½  kms.

 After exiting the river under the N2 bridge at Wilderness we adjourned for lunch at The Milkwood Village in Wilderness.