The day shone bright and clear for our first 10 Peaks Challenge. The “Vensterberg” at 1308.9m.

We had our meet and greet at the “Sputnik”, just over the Outeniqua Pass and set off, crossing the N9 at a little after 8am.


Marius van der Vyver, Brian Du Preez, Greg Devine, Werner Frei, Chris Gow, Andre Esterhuyse,

Dave Collett, Karin van Niekerk, Mike von der Heyde, Romi Foster, Bill Turner, Fred van Berkel.

There is a well marked path up to the first rocky knoll, then a little path finding is needed to go up the grassy slope to the next rocky outcrop. We meandered through the rocks and did the same for the next rock barrier. We then traversed to the right and headed for the saddle, then a steep up and a bit of rock scrambling, taking in the view from the “venster” before reaching the summit at about 11am.


The summit party, Greg Devine, WernerFrei, Brian Du Preez, Dave Collett, Andre Esterhuyse,

Marius van der Vyver, Bill Turner, Fred van Berkel. Absent from the photo, Chris Gow and Cheryl



We were rewarded with spectacular views overlooking Mossel Bay, the coast line, the Outeniqua Mountains and as far as Oudtshoorn with the Swartberg in the distance.

After having a well earned lunch we relaxed a while with Romi, Mike and Karin. They had decided to stay at the saddle, rather than tackle the exposed rock scramble to the top. It was then time to descend following the same route as the ascent.

As we were approaching the cars, Brian yelled “snake” and started running to where a Cape Cobra was slithering across the road and rising up to greet him. He managed to take a few fantastic photos before the snake did a leisurely slide into the bushes.


Cape Cobra, photo taken by David Collett.

– Cheryl Devine