When the date for this hike was chosen I had no idea it was in the middle of a three day week, however, such is the enthusiasm in the South Cape section of the MCSA that it turned out well. Twelve intrepid folk pitched up:- Sandy and Clive Louw, Jeanette and Werner ​Nisi, Elaine and Alan Smith, Dave and Margie Barnes, Astrid and Eugene Fichar​d​t, and Tinx and Chris Gow. Villa Castollini staff kindly allowed us to park on the property. The walk through the Briers (effectively Susan Cambell) pristine fynbos property took half an hour including disruptions because Susan hadn`t thought to tell me the alarm codes had been changed, but alls well…… A pleasant walk along the all but deserted beach ( during which one lucky lady found a perfect Pansy Shell ) brought us to the Buffels Bay forested dune walk. By the end of this section the weather which had been perfect had become a bit threatening with a few scattered drops of rain. The main party repaired to the café stoep which is sheltered from the South Westerlies, while six of us (notably including Eugene) crammed into Alan`s Terios and went off to fetch cars which took about half an hour. The walk itself was a leisurely 3.5 hours.


Chris Gow