The party which consisted of Tony and Evie Bowen, Eugene Fichardt, Cheryl Devine, Greg and Janet Moore, Christine and Stewart Stiles (leader) set off from Witfontein at approximately 07h15. We ascended up to the saddle. Despite being quite wet and muddy in places the weather conditions were perfect – the lack of wind was particularly noticeable and enjoyable!
A breakfast stop took place at one of the many Breakfast Rocks at 09h30. The saddle was reached at approximately 10h40.

Twin Peaks1

Twin Peaks2

Twin Peaks3

There was a lot of ice and frozen ground from the saddle area up to the two peaks requiring some caution. The party was however up to the challenge and there were no mishaps. We passed a couple of trail runners who were a little faster than us – one said something to the effect that they would really be delighted if they could do what we are doing when they get to our age!
We crested Cradock Peak at 12h15. The Cradock Pk summit party comprised Tony and Evie Bowen, Eugene Fichardt, Greg Moore, Cheryl Devine, Christine and Stewart Stiles.

Twin Peaks4

We then proceeded to George Peak which was summited at 13h50. The George Pk summit party was Tony and Evie Bowen, Eugen Fichardt, Greg and Janet Moore, Cheryl Devine, Christine and Stewart Stiles.

Twin Peaks5

We returned to the saddle and started the descent at 14h15.
All returned safely to the Witfontein carpark at approximately 17h00.

Stewart Stiles

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