Meet Leader: Evie Bowen
Hikers/MCSA members: Clive & Sandy Louw; Maretha Alant; Karin Van Niekerk; Joan Louwrens; Norman Cooper; Cheryl & Greg Devine; Greg Moore; Di& Bill Turner; Stewart & Christine Stiles; Wolf Schneider ; Tony and Evie Bowen.
Hike duration: a there -and- back hike -about 4 1/2 hours including stops
Hike distance: about 10 kms- grade 2 (possibly some grade 2+ for the peak)
Trail Condition: the path from the “Hop farm” in Herald, leading up through Campher’s Kloof and up to the neck is in good condition and an easy path to follow. The final bit to the top of the peak is unmarked – but straight forward.


After meeting at the Engen filling station on the outskirts of George, our group regrouped at the Hop Farm in Herold, while an advance party had already set out.
The farm borders on Cape Nature Land, and after crossing the fence the trail began!


The view here shows a few of the hikers coming up the trail. Notice the fairly broad and expansive Campher’s Kloof. Very pretty Fynbos and in the distance lower down the valley, is the farm from which we started our hike.


At the sunny north facing saddle a brief snack before summoning up the energy to ascend our easy “10 peaks challenge” for the day.


A second snack break on our peak – called Ten67 – this being the height of the peak.

The views along the Outeniquas and towards the Swartberg from here were fantastic- and after all the rainy days we were very fortunate to have such excellent weather.

For the return trip our party split – Bill returning through the Campher’s Neck following the trail to finish at the Sputnick car Park on the N12. Wolf and Norman joined Bill – while the rest of us meandered back the way we had come.

A very pleasant Sunday in the sunshine and the mountains,
Thank you to all who joined in the fun and achieved yet another Peak.
My thanks to Karin Van Niekerk for providing the photo’s .

Meet report – Evie Bowen

PS: It was pointed out to me that I had made an error in the original meet sheet programme in which I had stated that we would climb Campher’s Berg. Well I do apologize – as obviously this little “mickey mouse” peak was not Campher’s Berg, which is lot further to the North and is much higher. There was much discussion amongst the hikers of how one could/should climb the actual Campher’s Berg. Amongst our group Greg and Cheryl have climbed the peak previously, as well as Bill and Di.
So the following week I decided I had better prove in my own mind that Campher’s Berg can be climbed. For the record here the meet report.


Sunday 26 July 2015
Start: Hop Farm at Herold
Hikers: Evie and Tony Bowen
Hike duration: about 8 hours+.
Hike distance: unknown! Grade 3 for the peak and along the return ridge
Peak height: Camphers Berg 1207 , adjacent very Rocky summit 1147.
Trail: non existent==”Bundu bash” over rocky terrain throughout. Very bushy and thorny in places. Wonderful Buchu fragrance all the way.


From the farm we followed the fence up towards the north to access the ridge.
Here the ridge – which runs in an East/West direction eventually ends at the base of Campher’s Berg.

This ridge is fairly straight forward (if somewhat boring) to hike along, and surprisingly has a beacon along the way. The ridge then leads all the way to the base of the gulley on the left of Camphers Berg.


Picture shows the actual pointy “Camphers Berg”, and a second very rocky summit to the left. Our route went up gully and then up another steep gully to the summit.


After scrambling up and making the top of Camphers Berg (this picture taken at the top), we decided to return by a different route – and hiked back along the 2nd Ridge rocky ridge shown in the first picture above.

We continued along this ridge line to eventually drop down to the trail hut, and from there we were able to return on the official Camphers Kloof path back to the Farm at the start.


The 2nd ridge is a very rocky ridge with plenty of “up and down” bits, and scrambles in and out of the rocks – it proved to be both interesting & challenging.

Report Evie Bowen
Pictures Tony Bowen