25 July 2015


WALKERS:  Madre and Tony Johnston with Michael 13 months as a passenger, Jeanette, Werner and Michelle Nisi, Sandy and Clive Louw, Alan and Elaine Smith, Di and Bill Turner, Nicky van Berkel, Karin Van Niekerk, Wolf Schneider, Mariana van Rooyen, Bert Olivier and Janine Snyman  from the E.P. Section and Fay (leader) and Dave Jones.

A very fortunate change in date as we had perfect weather for the time of year. Most walked from the Serenity Care centre while four opted for the shorter walk in. First part was an easy uphill gradient on a forestry road, then up a steep track to the final push to the Watch tower. Every one made it up to the tower where we enjoyed a wonderful view and a tea break. Tony and Clive braved the climb up the tower to visit the watchman. Tony didn’t advise the climb to anyone afraid of heights, exposure and sea sickness.

Two options were chosen for the route down, one the same way down as up and the other to go westwards along a service track from the tower to link up with the forestry road. Unfortunately this turned out further than anticipated so a bit of fynbos whacking got them on to the right track. Back to the cars where the party split to go various ways while nine people returned to the Jones for a very happy braai with the party only breaking up at 5:15pm.


Tea break at the foot of the tower.


Spioenkop Tower

After a lively debate it was decided the tower was ±15 m high.  Not for the faint hearted.


Bill Turner and Alan Smith with Michael (with his Mum Madre). The Over 80’s and the youngest.

However, we can’t claim to be the first to summit as Dave found an early Stone Age hand axe at the base of the beacon.

Fay Jones