My apologies for the lack of photographs in this short write up but my camera and photographic skills were not up to the task of capturing the awe inspiring sight of the full moon in all its’ glory, blotting out the night sky. What a sight to behold, I hope you all managed to see it.

We huddled together around Mark’s bakkie at 6pm for a very informative introduction on the walk to come.

We were rugged up in hats, gloves, scarves and wind breakers with head torches beaming. Fortunately the night was quite balmy with not a breath of wind to distress us.

Mark Dixon, who runs a guiding company in Sedgefield led the way down to the beach and then proceeded to fascinate us with all sorts of facts on the marine life that washes up on the shoreline and lives and thrives in the rock pools.

Mark is very passionate about his work and was not deterred when an incoming wave caught most of us unaware and scurrying for higher ground. Unfortunately a few of us ended up with cold and wet feet and decided to call it a day and head back to the cars for a tot of Greg’s tasty Glühwein.

A few hardy souls stayed with Mark until about 11pm.

There were 30 people on the walk starting from the car park at Gerricke’s Point on Friday the 31st July at FULL MOON.

A big thank you to Mark Dixon for taking time out of his busy schedule to lead the meet for me.

Mountain Club members in attendance: Tony and Evie Bowen, Fred and Nicky Van Berkel, Joan Louwrens, Wolf Schneider, Dave and Margie Barnes, Greg and Cheryl Devine, Maretha Alant, Heather and Carl Rietbroek, Avril and Eugene Fichardt.

Non-members: Rina Leur, Silvana, Clara and Stella Adrian, Aidan Devine, Stuart Barnes and girlfriend, Frank and Mark and 6 students from SANParks.

Cheryl Devine