Hikers :- Karen V Niekerk, Joan Louwrens, Clive Louw, Norman Cooper, Marius v d Vyver, Tony Fryer (visitor) Dave Barnes (leader)


This meet was re scheduled, advanced one day from the Sunday to Saturday due to weather forecasts via Yr for the peak, as well as the experienced opinion of the local farmer. It proved to be a sound decision, as the perfect weather of Saturday did not last to Sunday.

The party camped on the farm on Friday night. We had an enjoyable braai with good coals and a magnificent fire afterwards thanks to Joan’s wood and fire skills.

It was not as cold as forecast due to an unusually dense fog which was still present in the early morning when we began walking. We left the fog in the valley, and had wet but clear conditions ascending the slope to the first ridge.

The fog lifted completely only just before mid day. However the windless mild conditions were ideal, making for a great hike, with clear views of Plettenberg bay as well as the interior from Cockscomb in the east to Cradock peak in the west. There were also clear views of the Baviaans mountains, and the Swartberg.

During the hike there was some debate about the hike grading, as well as comparisons with Cradock peak. I recalled an excellent presentation by Fred van Berkel comparing the peaks, and contacted him afterwards.

Fred kindly provided the table of information below.


Thanks also to Tony Fryer for the picture of the group at the summit.


Dave Barnes