Members attending: Philip and Linda Zink, Greg and Janet Moore, Sandy Louw, Stewart and Jenny Herd (leaders)

We met at the low level bridge over the Karatara River at 9am.

Contrary to the weather report of a cloudy day, it was sunny and perfect for a spring walk. The group agreed that we were there for a day out in nature, and not just brisk exercise, and the size of the group was perfect for a “walk-talk”, noticing the flowers, new leaves, ferns, fynbos, birds, etc. We also talked about the history of the area.

We drove up the “4×4” vehicle route to the top of our property, stopping to look at views over Ruigtevlei and Swartvlei, then walked down to the “homestead” through fynbos, where the rare endemic Victorin’s warbler sang to us and even flew down to show himself near us.

After a morning tea on the deck of the “cabin”, overlooking the Karatara valley, Outeniqua Mountains, and onto the “Sheba’s Breast” peaks, we walked down into the forest, mainly walking in forest margin to three viewpoints, and the valleys where springs were flowing. We did not go right down to the river, and took paths that were only “4×4” in places (ducking, and down steep paths). We covered only about ¼ of the paths we could have walked.

We had lunch back on the veranda of our “studio house”, before parting company.

I had certainly enjoyed my spring “day off work” and the rest of the party agreed.

Jenny Herd