MCSA members:
Nicky van Berkel (Leader), Hettie Esterhuyse, Jeanette & Michelle Nisi, Chris Gow, Hanna du Toit, Doug & Hilary Aubert and Felicity Mailer.

Access: This is a circular hike across a section of Chris von Christierson’s property, Kranshoek 432 which is part of the Robberg Coastal Corridor. This loop follows a well maintained path across the coastal plain towards the top of the cliffs. The path then follows the edge of the cliff, giving beautiful views of rocky beaches below. We then followed a path criss-crossing a stream back to the top from where we returned to the cars along the edge of the farm lands.

Report: After the cars had been parked and the group photos taken, the Nature Ramblers waited for the Coastal Walkers to leave before starting across the coastal plain towards the coast.


Binoculars, cameras and note books (some on phones) were at the ready and it wasn’t long before bird and butterfly lists were started, and identifications discussed.


It was a beautiful day, an ideal day to ramble. Slow progress was made, with lengthy stops to examine plants, to admire the scenery and take photographs.


We stopped along a side path overlooking the sea to refuel and while we were there whales were seen. All the while sunbirds, sugarbirds and frogs supplied music against the backdrop of the blue ocean and orange lichen-covered cliffs.


Acmadenia alternifolia, Psoralea vanberkelae, Virgilia divaricata, Senecio glastifolius, Leucospermum cuneiforme, Osteospermum moniliferum subsp. moniliferum, Erica discolor var. discolour and Erica formosa were among the plants painting the landscape.



After the break we headed into the thicket along the path which crossed a stream a number of times before leading us back to the road, which we followed until we reached the cars.



path which crossed a stream a number of times before leading us back to the road, which we followed until we reached the cars.



It was a relief that none of the Ramblers wanting to leave, were parked in, as the Coastal Walkers took another few hours to get back to the cars!

Thank you to Chris for giving us permission to hike on your property and to Quinten for his help. To all the Nature Ramblers, thank you for accompanying me along this beautiful part of our coastline. I really enjoyed the ramble, I hope you did too.

Nicky van Berkel