Werner Frei, Karin van Niekerk and Greg Devine

Another peak done for the 10 Peak Challenge. Participating in the hike were Werner, Karin, Greg and Cheryl Devine. This shot was taking with Pinnacle Gorge in the background.

We arrived at Willow River Farm via Willowmore and Steytlerville. The Rudman’s farm is about 300 kilometres from George and takes 4 to 4.5 hours to get there. The farm and surrounding countryside have benefited from the recent rains, with dams full and pastures green and lush. Plenty of fat, healthy cows and sheep to be seen.

The weather is always a huge consideration when climbing a mountain and this trip was no exception. I was looking at weather reports daily before we left and nearly called off the event as rain and cold conditions were forecast. Luck was with us on the day, no rain and very pleasant temperatures to walk in, unfortunately Cockscomb Peak was in cloud for most of the day.

We were ready to go at 7 am to commence the forever upward slog to reach the scramble section to the summit. We made steady progress, enjoying the views and appreciating the colourful flower displays on the way. After an adventurous scramble, we reached the summit of Cockscomb at 1758m. While on the top weird cloud formations gathered and swirled about making spectacular shapes and lines on and over the neighbouring peaks.

After a quick bite we headed on down the mountain and reached the cottage tired but happy trekkers after a superb day doing what we love best.


Sunday was spent stretching our legs with a leisurely stroll to explore Pinnacle Gorge.

Cheryl Devine