Thirteen mountain and flower enthusiasts joined in on this trip to the wonderful and well protected eastern part of the Kammanassie Mountains. Two members of the Klein Karoo Hiking Club formed part of the group. The group: Derek Odendaal (leader), Fred van Berkel, Nicky van Berkel, Bill Turner, Di Turner, Greg Devine, Evie Bowen, Clive Louw, Maretha Alant, Brian du Preez, Karin van Niekerk, Danie Steyl and Hanlie Steyn.


We gathered at Lansrivier, south of Mannetjiesberg, on Saturday morning and it was a lovely mild sunny day. We drove up the mountain via the rough track. There was one very muddy section that offered a good challenge to some drivers and vehicles. This caused quite a delay. Arriving at the wide saddle south of Mannetjiesberg, Di and Bill drove further to the west to climb Tower Peak, while ten of us started the 500 m ascent up Mannetjiesberg. We only started out just before 11 am. Nicky did some flower hunting on her own on the lower slopes.


The summit party (photo by Nicky)


We climbed the peak (1956 m), the highest in the Kammanassie range and had lunch on the summit. We then walked to the east towards the Mannetjie, a rocky bastion on the high ridge. This was quite a rough, steep and adventurous section, scaring some of the members of our party. Eventually we arrived at the Mannetjie and 7 of us had the energy and guts to scramble up to the top. From here we descended along the southern grass and scree slope and back to the vehicles. The excursion took us 6 hours, rather longer than estimated. All the plant fanatics had a ball of a day.


On the Mannetjie


Below the Mannetjie


Erica nervata ?


After camping on the saddle for the night, with enough luxuries, food and wine, we awoke to another sunny day. We packed up and drove further to the west, where we explored the kloof running down from the Cape Nature shelter. This whole area was really special because of the variety of flowering plants it offered. After lunch back at the vehicles, we drove back along the rough track and down the mountain.


Buffelsklip Kloof

It sounds like everybody had a wonderful weekend and we all appreciated the unspoilt beauty and wilderness-like character of the Kammanassie Mountains. And we ticked off another peak in our Section’s Ten Peaks Challenge of 2015.

Derek Odendaal