Herewith, my report of a very satisfactory hike, offering lots of physical challenges along our beautiful coast line.

Following members attended i.e. Ann McGregor (Cape Town member), Saartjie van der Merwe, Clive Louw, Bill Turner, Bill Uren, Toni and Evie Bowen, Wolf Schneider and I.


 The start at Kranzhoek.

 Unfortunately, it was raining slightly until 9h00. However, it stopped and improved considerably throughout the day.

We walked via the forest track to the coast, and reached the trail viewpoint 20 minutes west of Sinclair, after one and a half hours. However, we decided to proceed to Sinclair Hut for our morning break, as it was quit windy there.


Reaching the coast, west of Sinclair

 Thereafter, we had a comfortable hike through the Fynbosch, until we descended down to the mouth of the “Grooteiland River.

Some of us went through barefoot and others decided to stick to the rock face to reach the other side.

 From here the hike became a Grade: 3!!


The chain ladder, Bill Uren going his own way to get up next to the chain ladder

 When we past the familiar tidal pool, we stopped for lunch and a dip into the water as the wind was gone and the weather was excellent.


Lunchtime and relaxing in the tidal pool

We rounded “Grootkop” without any mishap. I admit that I was a bit concerned about our safety!


Climbing around “Grootkop”

From here to the Kranzhoek River(below the carparking), it was hand and footwork, ups and downs, ladders, hooks, boulders and a slight muscle cramp for me.


Very rough hiking between “Grootkop” and Kranzhoek


Hanging on for dear life


It’s a rough world


Not easy!

We reached the car park, climbing up through the forest along the river at 16h25

We thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent scenery and exercise, feeling satisfied with our accomplishment.

Hans van Ameyde