Meet Leader: Evie Bowen
Hikers/MCSA members:
Dave & Margi Barnes, Clive & Sandy Louw, Wolf Schneider, Greg & Cheryl Devine, Norman Cooper, Erich & Margrite Brach, Bill Uren, Greg & Janet Moore, Wendy Thompson, Fred & Nicky van Berkel, Ian Clark, Tannje Strauss, Evie Bowen.

Hike Start/end: Wilderness village
Hike duration: about 5 ½ + hours including stops
Hike distance: Circular about 17 km
Trail Condition: This was not a specific trail, just a meander through Wilderness including the Bosduif trail, and part of the Pied Kingfisher trail. The conditions on the paths in both the forest and through the reeds were in good condition; the small section of the lagoon board walk was easily accessed; otherwise the hike was on paved roads and the beach.
Grade: this hike was advertised as grade 1 – however some of the steeper descent on the Bosduif trail in the forest warranted a grade 2 for that section.

Departing from our meeting point in Wilderness –there were 19 hikers- all feeling strong! This hike was advertised as a multi-surface walking experience.


First surface = timber.
A section of the lagoon boardwalk.
A solo fisherman receiving 19 pieces of advice.


Then along Whites road – tarred initially, while higher up it turned to a paved gravel road –all along good views back to Wilderness.


A somewhat overgrown country footpath provided a good “marching’ ”opportunity.


Soon we joined the Bosduif forest path and arrived at the stunning lookout down to Ebb and Flow Campsite.


More forest tracks, followed by country footpaths through the reeds to reach Island Lake and paved roads once again. Here we are gathered on Lake Road.

At this point – the leader was in disgrace. Having advertised the hike as only 9 kms, the GPS readings were already well over this figure and the group decided the hike had to now be shortened – a beer was the better alternative. So after some discussion we proceeded towards the beach, and aborted the beacon/possible peak we should have climbed!!.

At this point one of our nameless hikers decided to take in an extra surface on the way – so after treading over “a smooth shop floor”, he emerged with an ice- cold drink – only to find the group had vanished.


Next surface was “the beach’ Here Janet, Greg ,Clive and Sandy enjoy a shady beach overhang for lunch.


Finally the last section of the hike – the beautiful Wilderness Beach. Luckily there was just enough of a pleasant South/Easter encouraging us along the beach and back to Wilderness village and the start point.

This was our section’s last hike for the year and ended on a high note in the Wilderness village – only – some of the front runners negotiated a “table for 19 ” at the Pizza option, while the back runners did the same at the drinks option!!

Thank you for joining me – I hope everyone enjoyed the hike despite the fact that Evie got her maths wrong – please accept my apologies. And yet it just goes to show it is possible to walk almost twice as far as you bargained for!!
Meet report: Evie Bowen
Photos: many thanks to both Nicky and Wolf for adding their pictures