Karen van Niekerk, Joan Louwrens, Alice Jagger, Greg and Cheryl Devine, Greg and Janet Moore, Clive and Sandy Louw, Erich Brack Wolf Schneider, Doug Fourie, Rina De Leur Norman Cooper
Member to be Janine Smith
The hike is part of the first day of the Outeniqua hiking trail. For many who have done the trail before it called up pleasant memories, and plans were discussed to arrange the entire hike once again.
The hot day was not felt while we were in the forest which is one of the finest indigenous patches on the Outeniqua hike.
Once we emerged into the harvested pine area it was really hot.
Fortunately it was a relatively short remaining walk to the Hoogekraal River, and a fine swimming spot.
There were few who did not swim, so most of the group were refreshed before the return.
The total distance was 18.3 kilometres.


Thanks to Karin for the pictures, and to Fred for the GPS track.

Dave Barnes – meet leader