Following members attended and arrived at Nature’s Valley Rest camp Parking area i.e. Clive Louw, Matty Smith, Irmela Kohlsdorf, Maretha Alant, Felicity Mailer, Fred van Berkel and myself.


The weather was fine and fortunately not very misty to spoil our views. We proceeded along the lagoon towards Kalander Hut and crossed the small river bypass, discovering that the water was higher than normal due to
the Grootriver mouth being blocked. From the hut we climbed up on top of “Pig’s Head” for our morning break
and to enjoy the magnificent view over Nature’s Valley.



From there we followed the Tsitsikamma hiking trail through magnificent Fynbosch with lots of flowering heath for 3km and entered the indigenous forest west of Kovie.

Unfortunately, Fred could no longer keep up with us due to his heart condition and he decided that he rather use the “escape route” to the R102 Huge thanks to Maretha who offered to accompany Fred to the R102 and further back to Nature’s Valley Rest camp. Highly appreciated!

We turned east through Kovie towards the coast and finally entered the hardest part of the hike i.e. the Fynbosch Jungle. However, with good teamwork, willpower, dedication and perseverance we found the original path through the jungle towards the coast. The group agreed that my description of the difficulty to get down to the coast was correct or actually more difficult than expected. We were relieved to reach the Ottertrail path and to have our lunch enjoying the view along the coast and the “Andre” huts in the distance below us.


From our lunch spot to Nature’s Valley takes about 1.5 hours with a variety of ups and downs and fine views of the coastline. After descending to sea level four of us decided to cool down in the sea, Irmela preferred to proceed to the lagoon and cool off there, where we met up again.
We all look back to a very satisfying hike as we arrived at our cars at the parking around 17h00.



Hans van Ameyde