Ten intrepid hikers set off on the physically demanding but massively scenic Harkerville hike.

Peter and Susan Pyke, Chris Gow, Saartjie van der Merwe, Maretha Alant, Cheryl and Greg Devine, Joan Louwrens, Bill Turner and meet leader Karin van Niekerk.

We took a small detour through a local garden first, looking for the shortcut from the parked cars to the start of the trail. The friendly guy on the stoep greeted us warmly and then we were away for a 10 km hike in lovely indigenous forest down to the coast. Tea time stop was at the redwoods, halfway down to the coast. Fortunately most of the rain had fallen the previous night and we had a dry walk.

We got down to the coast and sheltered in the milkwoods for lunch while the last bit of rain fell.

Then it was the coastal scramble.


Negotiating the first chain


Afternoon break at the swimming spot

Chris took a tumble and cut his head open on the rocks. He needed a few stitches on Monday but all is well. It was decided best to phone SANParks to come and fetch him on Sunday morning from the hut. He definitely didn’t want to miss the braai on Saturday night!


A bit bloodied and sore, but ready for the hill up to the hut!


The firemakers. We had a lovely evening next to a huge fire. Lots of chatting and eating and meat on the braai.


Sunday morning getting back to the coast – freshwater swim and tea time


Typical scene on day 2 of the hike


Looking back towards Noetzie


We finished the hike at the picnic site at Kranshoek. Cheryl and Greg went ahead to fetch cars while the rest of us swam on our way up the path through the indigenous forest.

Karin van Niekerk