Joan Louwrens , Jacomi and Derek Odendaal, Maretha Alant and Bill Uren (Leader)

It was a perfect day when we set off at about 09:30 from the low-level bridge over the Bloukrans River on the Bloukrans River Pass. In the shallow bits the water was clear and the walking relatively easy going. The George/Knysna lilies were clearly visible at various places.

Blou7                                          Blou2

The few swimming sections were pleasant because the water temperature was almost ideal.

Blou4                                         Blou3

Once the bridge over the N2 became visible one started to hear the screaming of the bungee jumpers. It is always interesting to watch them from below. They seem to plummet downwards like a stone and are then catapulted upwards to almost half the distance travelled before eventually settling and are then hauled up again.

Blou5                                         Blou6

We got to the mouth at about 12:30 and had lunch. While there, a group of people doing the Otter Trail were getting ready to cross over to the other side. It was then time to return and we got back to the old bridge where the cars were parked at about 15:30.