When Cheryl and I did a recce the week before this meet, we decided that Bloupunt would be a bit too long and hard for everyone and that we should therefore offer an easier option for the B-team. We spied a peak beyond the upper hairpin bend of the jeep track that looked easy. It was shown as a spot height of 1806 metres but with no name. We named it Peak Cuthbert, a suitably soft name for an apparently easy peak, and sent the B-team to conquer it.
The B-team consisted of Di and Bill Turner, Janet Moore and Ian Clarke, people who would be considered the AAA+ team anywhere else. Cuthbert turned out to have much more of a kick than expected and moreover appears to have never been climbed before, so full bragging and naming rights were awarded.


Meanwhile the Bloupunt squad gathered in the dark on the road a few kilometres from the farm to start out on the selected route. The neighbouring farm owner, Thys van Staden, very kindly gave us permission to cross his land. The route was basically straight up to the summit ridge and along to the peak. There were some rock bands about halfway to the ridge, where Karin turned around, and then some steep bush eventually thinning out towards the ridge. The ridge is attractively airy and leads easily to the summit. There is no path.



The summit views were great but the air was a bit hazy, obscuring the furthest peaks of the Tsitsikamma and Swartberg. We had our lunch on the summit and then headed on down the way we had come. The entire climb took about 10 hours. The summit party consisted of Cheryl & me, Greg Moore, Joan Louwrens, Amelia Spargo*, Robyn-Lynne Reid*, Tony Fryer, Maretha Alant and Charl du Plooy*. (*Prospective members)


That night, back at the farm Wilgemond, we had a nice braai and exchanged the usual old climbing-stories over many bottles of red wine. The next day Ian, Joan and Tony cycled the Klaarwater circuit while the rest of us hung about on the farm.

Greg Devine (leader)