The party:
Bill Turner, Werner Frei, Greg & Cheryl Devine, Kim & Chris Kruishaar (Cape Town), Jane Luck, Erica Davies (Gauteng section), Faye & Dave Barnes, Sandy & Clive Louw, Marie & Don Bands, Hettie Esterhuyse, Joan Louwrens, Karin van Niekerk, David Collett.

Anysberg 1

Some of the hikers for the projected 6 hour hike, avoiding the 3 km hike to the start of the


Anysberg is a lesser known, but stunning, reserve in the middle of nowhere, almost
equidistant between Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay.

Most of the group did a long hike on Saturday up a kloof, past a waterfall, along the ridge and then back down a ridge to camp. The promised 6 hour easy route took over 9 hours, with both the kloof (being overgrown since last hike) and the route down the mountain taking longer than expected. With the kind assistance on the ranger on duty who ferried all of us to the start, and then (unasked) collected some stragglers at the end, the day was a success.


The campsite at Anysberg is excellent, with extremely good, almost new, bathrooms and a kitchen with gas stoves and two freezers. Together with the opportunity to car-camp, I think we were all very comfortable.



One of many excellent pools. A little cool at this time of the year, so not sampled.
On Sunday some of the party explored a kloof near the entrance to the reserve.


We got as far as this canyon before turning back. There looks to be more interesting stuff further up, but will require exploring in summer to survive the swims involved.


On Monday we did an exploratory visit to the Buffels river, looking for a route upstream back to Anysberg. It looks like it is feasible, so another visit is on the cards. Lastly, some of us went on to Warmwatersberg spa to ease the aches after three fairly tough days. There is little to beat soaking in a hot spa under clear Karoo skies, after a dinner of Karoo lamb.



Gum tree highlighted by the full moon.




View of Towerkop.

Dave Collett – meet leader