Hikers :- Greg and Cheryl Devine, Greg and Janet Moore, Geoff and Lorraine Ditchfield, Willem and Erica de Maar, Wolf Schneider, Rina de Leur, Tori Anderson, Werner Frei, Karin v Niekerk, David and Gill Manley (E P Members) Wendy Thompson, Jill Hodkinson, (visitor and temp member) Claudia Hodkinson (visitor and temp member) Dave and Margie Barnes (meet leaders)

It was cold to start with after overnight rain. The hike started at Platbank, proceeding along the beach due to a suitable low tide. It was not difficult to negotiate the major slump where sandstone has collapsed onto the beach. The weather improved so that by the time a lunch break was taken at the top of a dune above Sandkop it was quite pleasant, with clear views of the dune fields and Gericke’s point.

After the hike most of the party gathered at the Sedgefield Arms for pain relief.

The hike took just over 5 hours, covered 16.7 kilometres, and involved 450 metres of vertical ascent.



Thanks to Greg Moore for the time and distance statistics, and also for the GPS track

Dave Barnes – Meet leader