Six potential hikers arrived in the rain at the Kranshoek parking area at 09h00 to tackle this 18 km hike west of Sinclair hut.


These were Gill (guest) and David Manley (Eastern Cape member), Hanna du Toit (member) and guest, Wolf Schneider (member) and myself (Meet leader).

As it was still raining, David and Hanna with partners decided to return to civilization, subsequently only Wolf and I were left! Two young guys in their twenties (Johan and Ruan), who by chance arrived simultaneously at the parking, asked if they could join us, and so we became a group of four!

Fortunately, the rain stopped after 30 minutes and the weather improved with sunshine and no wind! Due to the wet ground conditions, I decided to do the coastal section rather in the afternoon so the rocks could dry off a bit. Therefore we hiked the other way around and not as originally planned. We had a little break before we entered the indigenous forest at the California Redwoods.

The scenery was beautiful as always when we arrived at the coast. It was a first time experience for Wolf, Ruan and Johan. We had lunch after the chain section and a short break before climbing up onto the escarpment (135 m).

Fortunately, we had no mishaps due to the wet terrain and arrived back at the parking area at 17h00, a bit tired but very satisfied.


Hans van Ameyde – meet leader