A group of nine MCSA members met at the Kranshoek Picnic site to start walking just after 09h00.
Unfortunately two members had to cancel last minute due to waking up that morning with severe flu symptoms.


Clive Louw, Wolf Schneider, Werner Frei, Sandy Louw, Erich and Margarit Brack, Margie Barnes, Irmela Kohlsdorf (leader)


and Dave Barnes

Weather conditions were perfect. We descended through the indigenous forest down the never-ending steps (some of which seem to have been put in by a giant – a challenge for the short-legged hiker) – stopping shortly to admire the lovely view into the gorge and towards the waterfall.


We arrived at the coast at low tide and the conditions were ideal for an adventure. Therefore some of the group agreed happily to leave the path for a while and follow Werner, looking for a possibility to get over the rocks to the other side of the bay –



Unfortunately to find out that this was not possible. We had to return the same way, to later catch up with those who had continued on the actual trail.



The picturesque scenery of the Kranshoek Hike is always a special experience and reminds you of the OtterTrail in some places.
After a short stop and some snacks on the rocky beach, where we had to leave the coast line, we continued on the steep path up to the plateau, where fynbos and proteas were in full bloom.


We arrived at the Kranshoek Picnic site at 14h00.
Margie and Dave, who had chosen a shorter route and returned earlier, were so kind to light the fire, so that on our arrival we could start grilling immediately.


It was a lovely day and great outing – filled with laughter, adventure and comradeship – pleasantly closed off by the braai, which was enjoyed by all.


We left for home at about 16h30.

Irmela Kohlsdorf – meet leader