The day shone bright and clear with no hint of rain. A perfect day for a river outing.


On Saturday 21 January 26 members and non-members arrived at Strawberry Hill to start the walk down to the river. After the usual meet and greet and roll call we were off. Bill and his faithful dog accompanied us to the Kaaimans where we met up with Maretha and Clive, who had decided to get into the river further upstream, which added a further one and a half hours onto their time.


It was a motley crew that entered the water for the first swim, some with gusto and enthusiasm others with a little trepidation and a few misgivings. So began our journey down to Wilderness via the Kaaimans.

kaaimans3 kaaimans4

Four children participated in the fun, which improved the age demographics of the SC MCSA greatly. With the use of pool noodles for the younger ones they navigated their way to the end with absolutely no problems, smiles on their faces most of the way, as long as they were fed at regular intervals and could lie on a nice warm rock from time to time to warm up.

kaaimans6 kaaimans5

The oldies did exceptionally well, with the thought of warm clothes a cold beer and braai at the end, there was no holding them back.

kaaimans7 kaaimans9

There were no major hiccoughs on the day but with such a large group it is impossible to all stay together, so big thanks to all who helped me get everyone safely down and back to Strawberry Hill.

While we were in the river Sandy, Nicky, Di and Avril walked the Fern Trail on the farm. Three non-members were
very late in arriving at the start but did manage to do the river by themselves.

kaaimans10 kaaimans8

The cherry on the top of this fantastic day, was a bring-and-braai at the Turners. Thank you Bill and Di for your wonderful hospitality.
Those who did the Kaaimans:
Members: Greg and Cheryl Devine, Greg and Janet Moore, Karin Van Niekerk, Fred Van Berkel, Charles Smith, Evie
Bowen, Stewart Stiles, Alice Jagger, Eugene Fichardt, Rina de Leur, Maretha Alant, Clive Louw, Peter, Clara and Stella Adrian (Jo’burg members).
Non-Members: Lindsay Smith, Kat Webster, Charl Du Plooy, Henry, Kiran and Marley Greyling, Jeannine McManus, William vd Poll and Harry Lewis.
Irmela and Tony were a big help with transport.

Meet Leader: Cheryl Devine.