From apple orchards in Waboomskraal,
through the unspoilt Doring River Wilderness Area,
this circuit is special and filled with much variety.

Hikers :
MCSA members – Gonny Houtsma; Janet & Greg Moore: Wolf Schneider; Erich and Margrit Brach; Clive &Sandy Louw; Dave & Gill Manley; Wendy Thompson; Karen van Niekerk; Hannah & Dave Edge; Amelia Spargo; Werner Frei; Fred & Nicky van Berkel; Tony& Evie Bowen.

Visitors/ new membership – Sanet van Meersbergen: Ed Shuttleworth

Hike statistics: Hiking distance is 15.1 km, consisting of numerous up’s and down’s. This path was originally laid to be walked in an anticlockwise direction. This enables the group to reach the swimming hole for lunch. We however, walked in a clockwise direction. This entails a longer uphill section (which can be rather steep on the downhill) and ensures reaching the Peak of the day around lunch time to make the most of the good views.
Our total ascent and descent for the day along an undulating path was about 1266m.

Grade: 2M for most of the way- small rocky sections as one reaches the Peak.

Trail Condition: The trail is in good condition. Most of the original yellow markers are very faded or non-existent. Since the fire of 2 years ago the main ascent from the river is a little more difficult to find- however it is noticeable that previous hikers have been marking the path with good sets of cairns.

Access: Is along a Cape Nature servitude next to the farm called “Imbezza” in Waboomskraal. There is some limited
parking along the road before the servitude is reached. Self-issue permits are available at Witfontein Forest Station.

Duration of the Hike: We spent about 5 hours on the hike. Start time: 9.15 am / Finishing time: between 2.30 to 3.00 pm/this included breaks for snacks along the way, and lunch on the Peak. As no one swam no swimming time was included!!

Let the hike begin.

Hike description: the views are billiant and amazingly varied throughout the trail.The pool level was distinctly low – probably due to the drought situation- most hikers missed even seeing the pool! We set a good pace on the downhill gravel jeep track to our first teatime snack. However thereafter the uphill assent to the peak had the group very spread out. Tony as our sweep for the day ensured that we all reconnected for lunch in the vicinity of the peak.
Peak height is 1107 m.
A leisurely pace ensued for the mainly downhill sections thereafter – with some of the group shortcutting across the
Fynbos and rocks, then descending steeply to Amelias house. The rest of the group found the path less of a slippery

Thanks to the hospitality of Amelia – we all gathered on her stoep to continue enjoying the stunning views of the area and some cold refreshments. This is where the hike ended. It seemed to the meet leader that a great day was had by all.

Enjoying our first snack of the morning -knowing that the
mountains shown here await us.

The slower uphill section

Ed and Wolf – Hanging out at the Peak

Janet and Greg and the rest enjoy lunch just below the peak

Views looking to the horseshoe mountain known as Camphers Berg, and a rather pensive Amelia in a turquoise hat

Lucky for us – this particular day our Doring River day’s hike ended on a STOEP!!
Thank you to all who supported this meet. Also my thanks to Ed for the” Mountain Panorama” photo and Nicky for the group shot.

Evie Bowen – Meet leader