Meet Leader: Evie Bowen
Hikers participating:
MCSA members: Sanet van Meersbergen; Ed Shuttleworth; Norman Cooper; Cheryl & Greg Devine; Karin van Niekerk; Dave &Margi Barnes; Clive and Sandy Louw; Gonny Houtsma; Janet & Greg Moore.Visitors: Jan Rossouw; Noemi Shuttleworth and friend Analyn Knight
Hike duration: about 7 hours including stops
Hike distance: about 20 km. Our total assent to get to the highest point of the day i.e. the Saddle was 980 m. This includes the “up and downs “, as saddle height is only 932m high.
Grade: 2m
Access and permits: Self permit issue can be obtained from the Witfontein forest Station.

Trail Condition: Wonderful path along the entire length of the actual footpath. The lower
section of the hike follows a jeep track.
The footpath however is only suitable for hikers!! – it seems that on the same afternoon/evening some horse riders had lost their bearings in the area. My understanding is that – responding to the “Saasveld” sign near the hut, they attempted to walk their horses along the narrow trail section below the Hut. This section has the odd very narrow and exposed “drop offs” from the path, and is intended for hikers – so obviously not wide enough for horses! According to the George Herold the horses slipped, were benighted, and had to be rescued by mountain rescue the following day.

Duration: We set off shortly after 8.30am. By midday most of the hikers had made themselves comfortable for lunch on the Saddle and we finished around 3.30pm. The actual walking time was around 6 and ¼ hours, while the hike duration lasted for 7 hours.

The route: The trail starts from the top end of the Saasveld University campus. From here a jeep track leads up the mountain to the Tierkop hut. An option of the route at a higher level is to follow a foot path off to the right, this meanders through super mountain scenery to reach the hut. From the hut, a trail is available to reach the saddle., and on this occasion, we returned by the same route. This path is known as the “Trans Outeniqua Trail “, and the
trail continues from the saddle to eventually meet up with the Montague pass road.

Description: We had a wonderful day out in the mountains. Luckily for the hikers there was no fire damage in this area.
See the photos!

A chilly start to the day.

Both Cradock Peak and Clive are all smiles today.

Mimetes pauciflorus – known as “ flame pagoda” – special markers along this hike.

The wonderful views and varied aspects of the surrounding Outeniqua mountains. Note the excellent trail condition.

Lunchtime treats on the saddle.

Thank you to all who supported this meet.
Thanks to Norman who supplied we with some of the stats!

Evie Bowen / todays meet leader for Southern Cape MCSA