Hikers: Greg Moore, Clive and Sandy Louw, Tony and Evie Bowen, Janet Moore, Margie Barnes, Wolf Schneider, Gonny Houtsma, Janet Byrne.
Meet leader/photo man, Dave Barnes

The hike was originally scheduled as  Beervlei to Hoogekraal River, part of the first day of the Outeniqua hike. However, on Friday 7th, when checking with the Ranger responsible for area, I was strongly advised to cancel because of the fire risk due warm winds which were forecast, and because there had been minor flare ups in that particular area.

Rather than cancel altogether, at the eleventh hour I substituted “Monate” hike.

Most of the hikers who were listed for Outeniqua decided to hike the substitute.

The “Monate” hike begins at the Monate housing estate west of Herold ’s Bay. Fortunately, the representative of the resident’s association is well disposed to Mountain Club, and we are able are able to access the coastal path by traversing the complex. It is necessary to have the code for the locked pedestrian gate. It is possible to access the coastal path from Herold’s Bay, but this difficult due to recent erosion and neglect. It is also difficult at anything other than a very low tide.

This is an easy hike, out and back, a distance of 11 km, 293 metres vertical ascent, and took a total time of 4.5 hours. The hike is easiest at low tide, and not safe at high tide. Apart from a short section of clambering down to the beach, it is on a well-maintained path which crosses the Oubaai property. The turning point is at an attractive deck on the rocks, an ideal picnic spot.

On the day of hike it was initially sunny, later becoming misty.

By the time we gathered for refreshments at Dutton’s Cove it was clear, warm and sunny.

Dave Barnes – meet leader