Leader: Dave Jones, supported by Fay and Peter Halbsgut.
Hikers: 14 members and 3 guests.
A Team: Clive (sub-leader) and Sandy Louw, Greg and Janet Moore, Fred van Berkel, Marianne Halbsgut, and Maretha Alant with guests Sharon and Marina.
B Team: Dave (sub-leader), Bill & Di Turner, Dave & Margie Barnes, Mike von der Heyde, Romy Foster and guest.

Braaiers: Greg and Cheryl Devine, Blythe and Wendy Thompson, Tony and Evie Bowen, Fay Jones, Peter Halbsgut plus the B Team.

A well supported Meet in very pleasant weather but with a chaotic start at the Farmers’ Market, busy as it ever is over a long weekend. Getting the hikers and their braai gear gathered and loaded into cars for transport to the start point and then on to the Yacht Club proved quite a challenge, fighting against the 9 a.m. rush of visitors trying to get into the market.

The hike started at the Swartvlei car park where we got going at 9.30 in the face of the stormiest seas anybody could remember and real doubt as to whether we would even get to Gericke Point as the waves were so high although it was only 1 hour past low water. These fears were confirmed by Bill and Di who had started earlier but had been turned back at Gericke’s by the waves and had opted to find another hike, far from the sea.

Undaunted, the main party set off for Gericke Point for a quick reorganisation as the waves along the first rocky sections after Gericke were huge and the tide was not going to wait for anybody. Clive generously agreed to take over leadership of a fit (brave? foolish?) A Team and set off at a cracking pace. The B Team, all slower walkers, wisely turned back.

Chicken-leader, Dave, arranged to be dropped off at Kleinkrantz by the support team on its way to the Yacht Club as he had previously marked out an interesting, scratchy route across the dunes to get to the Yacht Club a further 3 km on. Clive’s A Team made very commendable progress along the beach, in spite of rough waves, a rising tide and drenching at times to get to Kleinkrantz by 12.30. But it had been a very tough, worthy of the Mountain Club 12 km to get to that point, so an offer by Dave to call up relief vehicles from the Braaiers was gratefully accepted.

With the help of the relief vehicles, all were in at the Yacht Club by 13.30 where a very pleasant Spring Braai was then enjoyed at this charming venue.

Thanks to all who took part to help see Spring arrive.

Dave Jones – meet leader