On the meet: Nicky & Fred van Berkel, Dave & Margie Barnes, Sandy Louw, Evie Bowen and Janet Moore.

On Saturday at 9 am on a cool but bright morning 6 of us meet up to start a gentle hike over the top of Paardekop Farm, in the Attakwaskloof. Nicky started about 15 minutes to get a head start on us as the road is quite steep to begin with. After walking up the road towards the boundary gate we turned right and walked through pines up toward the back of the farm. Towards the top turned right again and followed the farm track around the top. We stopped for a short while at this turn.

We took it very slowly and Nicky and Evie did some botanising.

The first part of track had burnt about 10 years ago. When we came to the first track down towards the stone cottage, Dave and Margie decided to take this route. It is a bit steeper towards the bottom, but shorter.

By now we have split into 3 groups. Nicky and Fred coming along slowly, Dave and Margie on the downward route , leaving Sandy, Evie and myself to continue along the track which slowly winds down toward the main farm road. This part only burnt about 20 months ago and so was very interesting for the botanists in the group.

At the bottom we made our way to the old farm road, as this part of farm only burnt in January. It has been very dry until the previous weekend, so was lovely to see all the new growth.

The 3 groups took between 3 hrs and 7hrs to travel approximately 7km.

A very social walk and I think enjoyed by all.

Janet Moore – meet leader