Our hike schedule is continually updated, but here is a list of upcoming hikes.

Please contact any committee member or our meets/hike coordinator for details.

Non members of the Mountain Club may only participate in a meet with prior approval of the meet leader. The meet leader may require the visitor to complete a Temporary Membership application which can be downloaded from the “Forms and Constitution” heading on this website. The completed form must be handed to the meet leader before the start of the meet.

Meet attendance confirmation: please let Meet Leaders know of your intention to attend a Meet by not later than two days before the meet, especially if lifts and other transport arrangements need to be made.

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Sunday 21 January


Werner Illenberger   083 626 1917 or 041 368 2771 werner.k.i@gmail.com

Meet at Formosa Hut Friday afternoon-evening. Directions: email me and I will send you maps.
The upper Bloukrans swim is long, spectacular and interesting. The whole swim is 7-8 hours, the walk-in is 2.5 hours. We might catch a lift with a bakkie to take one hour off the walk-in time. Lilos are the best, otherwise tubes; or just go for it. We need someone to drive down the Bloukrans Pass to pick up swimmers.

We plan to do the swim on Saturday, but if the weather looks warmer on the Sunday, we might re-schedule. It is a long swim and we want as much sun as possible. We have done the swim without wetsuits in the past; you definitely don’t want a thick cumbersome wetsuit, just a shortie will be fine.

There is plenty to do around the hut (or you can just do nothing!), so come enjoy yourself for the whole weekend. You can even stay over Sunday night and have a slow cruise home on Monday!

Saturday 27 January


Cheryl Devine    083 260 5678    cdcheryldevine@gmail.com

The start of the trail and access to the river is from Strawberry Hill, situated off Saasveld Road, now Madiba Drive in George.

There is a walk of about 30 minutes on a very good path down to the river. The swimming starts immediately, and we bob and weave our way down the river, walking on trails when we can otherwise compulsory swims are necessary. The longest swim is 150-200 metres. There is a little rock scrambling from time to time but nothing serious. We leave the river at the N2 motorway bridge in Wilderness.
Be prepared for kloofing, e.g. Good shoes for swimming and rock scrambling, sun protection and hat. A small back pack or waist pack with snacks and your essentials must be in waterproof bags.
As we start and finish at different places, there will be a bit of ferrying of cars and people to be considered closer to the time. Have a bag with towel and dry clothes for the end of the trip. This bag will be left in a car at Wilderness.
Meet at the parking area by the Kaaimans River near the N2 bridge at Wilderness at 10 am. The trip should take about 4 hours.
If the party is large or if some members are a little slow I will split the party so that the faster more agile group will not freeze while waiting for the catch-up group. IF YOU CANNOT SWIM THIS IS NOT THE TRIP FOR YOU!!
Di and Bill Turner have once again kindly offered the use of Strawberry Hill for a bring-and-braai after the event. A little closer to the time we can discuss salads/puddings etc.

Sat 3 – Sun 4 February


Derek Odendaal    076 292 2866    dodendaal@mweb.co.za

There is a very deep and dramatic kloof just east of Towerkop in the Swartberg, called Buffelskloof. We explored it for some way in 2012, but there is a lot more……

The plan is to walk in for about 2 km with packs, pitch camp, and then go kloofing for the rest of the day into the unknown. We don’t know how rough it will be. There will be swims, and all kloofing gear must be taken along. It will also be bushy. There might be cliffs and we may not get far, but if we can overcome some obstacles, we should go some distance. It will be spectacular, with the cliffs of Elandsberg towering up to 1000 meters above. Derek and
Greg will take some rope, harnesses and climbing gear for safety and for those who want to push on. We will return to our camp before dark. To be able to start early on the Saturday, the group will overnight at Towerkraaltjie  camping terrain on Friday night, close to Towerkop. The cost will be R100 per person. On Sunday we can just recover, take it easy and enjoy the scenery, before hiking out and returning to civilisation.

Saturday 10 February


Cheryl Devine   083 260 5678   cdcheryldevine@gmail.com

Meet at the entrance to Saasveld campus at 9 am and then we will park the cars at the Admin car park. We then head over to the start of the Groeneweide Trail and walk down to the Kaaimans River.

We then follow the river upstream to the pump station and weir. There are no compulsory swims on this walk, but feel free to take a dip at any time. The route involves wading, usually ankle deep, walking on the river bank and swimming if desired. The rocks may be slippery at times so suitable shoes must be worn. Waterproof your valuables in a small back pack and take along snacks and lunch. The walk to the weir takes about 2 hours. At the weir we will stop for lunch and then swim from the weir up a narrow gorge to a small waterfall then return to the weir. The swim is about 50m to the waterfall. We then return to the cars on the road leading back to the car park passing the student houses on the way. Total time out with stops should be about 3 – 4 hours.

Sat 17 – Sun 18 February


Meet at Formosa Hut Friday afternoon-evening. Directions: email me and I will send you maps.

The lower Bloukrans swim is short and easy. We drive down the Bloukrans Pass and park at the bridge. We will walk/swim down to the sea, dodging any involuntary bowel movements from people doing the bungee jump. Then we retrace our steps, for an easy day outing.

We plan to do the swim on Saturday, but if the weather looks warmer on the Sunday, we might re-schedule. Wetsuits not needed.

There is plenty to do around the hut (or you can just do nothing!), so come enjoy yourself for the whole weekend. You can even stay over Sunday night and have a slow cruise home on Monday!

Sat 14 – Sun 15 April


Karin van Niekerk    082 956 2422 karinvn@telkomsa.net
This hike is into the Langeberg wilderness area, starting from the Grootvadersbosch Nature reserve near Heidelberg. It is a circular hike and we will camp in the Grootvadersbosch reserve Friday night, 13 April.
Day 1: (14 km) ascends Dwarsberg along the eastern slopes of the reserve. The hike winds in and out of Bobbejaanskloof and Vaalrivierkloof until reaching a neck. We traverse from here in an easterly direction to reach the stone shelter at Helderfontein. It is not a hut but a very basic stone shelter with a roof and a nearby stream for water.
Day 2: (13km) is mostly downhill along Barend Koen se pad and then into the deep gorge of the Duivenhoks River back to the start.

Fri 27 April – Tue 1 May


Derek Odendaal  076 292 2866    dodendaal@mweb.co.za

We visited this lovely area near Albertinia in March 2016, but there is a lot more to explore. There will be different options during this long weekend, from challenging off-route exploration and ascending one of the high peaks in the area, to more leisurely hiking on the network of jeep tracks in the valleys. We will hike in for 6 km and establish a
base camp next to a stream (370 masl). The explorers will skip this and hike into an unexplored valley to the west and return to the base camp the next day. On day 3 the explorers will take on Paardeberg and try to get to the summit of the impressive Paardeberg Spitz (1220 m), returning to base camp again. On day four, the area to the east can be explored. All along, the leisurely hikers can follow their own routes and enjoy the scenery of this area from base camp.

On the last day we hike back and also visit a cave with impressive rock paintings.

Romanskraal is about 130 km from George. We will meet up at the Engen garage next to the N2 in Albertinia at 8 am on 27 April and drive together to the Langeberg from there.

Fri 11 – Sat 12 May

SPITSKOP WEEKEND –  Grades: 1 to 4

Cheryl Devine  083 260 5678 cdcheryldevine@gmail.com

Spitskop is the pointed peak near Meiringspoort in the Swartberg and is a fairly easy but very satisfying climb from the north. We will travel on Friday 11th to a guest farm, Welgemond, on the starkly beautiful northern slopes of the Swartberg.

Accommodation is in a cottage and rooms in the huge farmhouse, while any overflow can be taken up by

We will climb the peak on Saturday and braai on Saturday evening. Those who do not want to do the peak may like to start the walk and possibly go as far as the neck or stroll around the farm and surrounds.

We will be taking our mountain bikes with us and on Sunday plan to do a 30-km circuit ride on farm roads.

Fri 21 – Wed 26 September


Karin van Niekerk     082 956 2422 karinvn@telkomsa.net

This 5-day and 4-night trail has been opened again for hikers. It is situated above Swellendam in the Marloth
Nature reserve in the Langeberg mountain range. It traverses through fynbos and into isolated valleys with streams and indigenous forests. The trail follows a circular route over 5 days. It is described as one of the most beautiful in the Western Cape. The hike covers 58 km and is strenuous. We will leave for Swellendam on Thursday 20th of September and stay in a cottage in the Marloth Reserve.